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Relief for Your Dry, Stinging Eyes

Dry, irritated eyes can really get in the way of a good day. And if it’s a persistent condition, life can get uncomfortable very quickly.  Healthy eyes require hydration. If your eyes aren’t producing enough tears, find relief at Total Vision Terra Nova

We have individualized treatments to help you manage dry eye disease. Therapies differ for each patient, but rest assured, our team is ready to help.

What Causes Dry Eye Disease?

Many conditions can lead to increased tear evaporation or a tear film imbalance, including:

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease?

Here are the most common symptoms of dry eye disease: 

  • Light sensitivity 
  • Red eyes 
  • Contact lenses are uncomfortable 
  • Blurred vision
  • Fatigued eyes 
  • Burning sensation in the eyes
  • Mucus in or around the eyes

Treatments for Dry Eye Disease

Treatments vary depending on the cause of your condition. Common treatments for dry eye disease include prescription eye drops, warm compresses, and eyelid cleaners. Your optometrist may suggest punctal plugs if your condition is more severe. 

You don’t need to suffer from dry eye disease. Relief is here at Total Vision Terra Nova! Book your appointment today.

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