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Protection from Eye Disease

Eye disease can affect your vision without any warning signs or symptoms. We use cutting-edge diagnostic technology to test for common eye diseases during every routine eye exam. Your vision is protected at Total Vision in Terra Nova

Eye diseases can be treated and managed if caught in the early stages, so regular appointments with our optometrists are the best defense for your vision. 

If you have questions about your vision or are concerned about eye disease, please contact us today.

Eye Diseases & Conditions


Ah, the infamous “pink eye.” Parents and preschool teachers shudder at the sound!

The medical term for this condition is conjunctivitis, and it occurs when the transparent layer covering the sclera (the whites of the eyes) becomes infected. This infection causes the small blood vessels in the eye to become inflamed and irritated, causing the eye to appear pink.

Conjunctivitis has many causes, but viral or bacterial infections are the most common. Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are highly contagious. Conjunctivitis can be easily treated, but treatments vary depending on the type of infection.

Give us a call if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Redness in one or both eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Gritty feeling in one or both eyes
  • Discharge in one or both eyes
  • Crusting in the eyes
  • Tearing

The cornea is normally shaped like a dome, but the corneal structure can weaken and thin in some individuals, becoming more conical. This condition is called keratoconus.

Keratoconus generally affects people between the ages of 10 and 25, and it develops gradually over many years. In the early stages, vision problems from keratoconus can be corrected with eyeglasses and contact lenses. In later stages, the patient may require a cornea transplant.

Call us right away if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Sensitivity to bright light
  • Clouding or worsening of vision
  • Frequent changes in eyeglass prescriptions
  • Vision distortion

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the primary cause of vision loss in adults over 50.

The macula is the center of your retina. It’s responsible for sharp, precise central vision. AMD occurs as the macula slowly deteriorates throughout the aging process.

As the macula breaks down, it can affect the quality of your central vision. This breakdown may result in a black spot in the center of your vision or straight lines appearing wavy or blurry.

A cataract appears as a clouding in your eye’s lens as your lens becomes rigid and opaque. Cataracts occur as part of the aging process, but this condition can be exacerbated by many factors, like diabetes, injury, and excessive alcohol consumption.

Contact our practice if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Dim vision
  • Clouded vision
  • Faded color or yellowish vision
  • Sensitivity to light

Mild cataracts can be corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, as the condition progresses, cataracts may require surgery.

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that slowly damage the optic nerve. It’s called the “silent thief of sight” because most patients don’t notice a change in their vision until the advanced stages.

This condition mainly affects older adults, but there are cases of younger people being diagnosed with glaucoma.

This disease advances slowly with no symptoms, so glaucoma testing is included in regular eye exams at Total Vision in Terra Nova. Glaucoma can be manageable if caught early, and regular treatment can help preserve your vision.

We’re on Your Team

Routine eye exams help us diagnose eye diseases in the early stages, potentially saving your vision. Compassionate eye care, top-rated diagnostic technology, and eye disease management are available for you right here at Total Vision in Terra Nova

Your family’s visual health is our number one priority! If you have questions or concerns about eye diseases or want to book an eye exam, please contact us today.

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